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Supporting colleagues

LinkedIn screenshot of a post from Kate Stansfield reading “I know nerves are supposed to be a good thing and all that, but I wish I could keep mine at a more balanced level, instead of them turning me into a quivering mess! I AM looking forward to delivering another climate action talk this afternoon (this time to the ITI Parent Network), but I'll also be very relieved when it's over! Trying to focus on how right it feels to be doing this. Alignment of my values and all that. Not to mention the importance of community and of having these conversations, especially on the back of completing my Carbon Literacy training with Jen Gale last week... But I just hope there's no "mind gone blank" moments and apologise in advance if that happens!”

Supporting someone and cheering them on when they’re nervous is such a huge act of kindness, and one that Sea Change Multilingual experienced last week.

As the nerves overtook the excitement before her talk on climate action she shared with her LinkedIn network how she was feeling and the response was overwhelming support.

Friends and colleagues told her how amazing she is, reminded her of all the times she’s smashed these things before, shared their own experiences and tips from them, and generally rallied round with reminders that she’s not alone and she can do it.