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Stranger rescues people stuck on icy road.

a valley thick with snow, trees visible up the sides and on the top. Text overlaid reads “Stranger rescues people stuck on icy road.”

“Heading out for a walk in the snowy countryside of Goyt Valley today, my friend and I got stuck on an icy road and thought we were going to have to abandon her car.

Having tried several options to resolve our situation, to no avail, along came a very kind man in his 4 wheel drive vehicle and offered to tow us to safety.

We were hooked up and off we went up the icy road which enabled us to return home safely.

When we offered the kind man some recompense, he said ‘just be kind to 2 other people today.’

What a wonderful attitude, which would make the world a better place.”

Jane, who sent this in, wanted to ensure their rescuer got a Sara award from Sara Cox but sent it to Time for Kindness by accident, and very kindly allowed us to share it too!

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