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Serious illness highlights kindness of neighbours.

a drip hanging from hook in a hospital room with other medical equipment dotted around. Text reads "serious illness highlights kindness."

Recently a very close friend of mine was rushed to hospital after being taken unwell very unexpectedly. This resulted in her having a serious operation, staying in hospital for a couple of weeks and with a long recovery ahead of her. She contacted me to tell me how she and her family have been overwhelmed with kindness.

“We’ve had neighbours we barely know cooking us meals, food vouchers and parcels aplenty, kind words and thoughts every day, from very unexpected people too. The love is real and it has made a vast difference.”

I’d like to add my personal thanks for the kindness of the surgeons who looked after her so well at a really frightening time. And to her husband for his kindness in providing daily updates about how she was doing, all while dealing with everything for himself and their children.

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