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Freelancers show kindness at Freelancer Magazine Christmas party.

Screenshot of a LinkedIn post from Becky which reads "I absolutely loved today’s Club WorkJoy session with guest speaker, Kindness Cheerleader, Sarah Browning. It made me realise I need to look out for acts of kindness more often whilst reframing my own acts of kindness which I often pass off as doing because it’s the natural human thing to do! Thanks to Beth Stallwood/Create WorkJoy for hosting a great session 🧡. On the subject of kindness, I also want to extend a massive thank you to Louise Crowe for being super kind, making sure I didn’t have to walk into the Freelancer Magazine Christmas Party on my own last week 🙌🏻. Why not tag someone in the comments below that you would like to thank for an act of kindness they have shown to you or someone you work with?

Becky went to the Freelancer magazine Christmas party and mentioned in the dedicated FB group that she was nervous about going on her own and Louise offered to meet her en route so that they could arrive together.

What a wonderful show of kindness among freelancers, and festive spirit!

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