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Sandwich shop customer shares discount

A sandwich which looks to be filled with tuna and salad, on a plate with crisps on the side

“I was buying a sandwich at a well know sandwich shop and I said to the cashier ‘is that the eat in or take away price?’ they asked if I had a subscription, I don’t.

Then they asked another customer standing beside me, who was obviously a regular and known to the cashier, if they would scan their code to give me a discount. They did and I was charged a lower price.

I need to point out that these were two people way outside my demographic and this happened in London, that supposedly most unfriendly of places.

I doubt that the purpose of subscription is to give discount to strangers but I think that would be an amazing PR campaign. I might even take out a subscription now so I can do the same for someone else. Thank you to the two fellow citizens who were kind to me.”

I just love how excited Sue was to share her experience of kindness with me and everyone else on LinkedIn! She’s a wonderful kindness ambassador.