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Kindness, creativity and a collaboration!

The image is a photo of a mixed media art work using acrylic paints, watercolours and collage. The word hope dominates the centre of the painting with a woman’s face looking up from the bottom left hand corner and a cherub looking down from the top right hand corner. The colours are bright, shiny and joyful.

The connection between creativity and kindness is something I think about a lot because I am an amateur artist. I’ve decided to share this piece of my art to launch an online exhibition in collaboration with artists’ support charity, ArtCan, for several reasons:

  • I started it at my first session with my art coach Be In Art Creative, who has always been very kind in supporting my confidence in my art.
  • It features the word hope and that’s one of the things we aim to inspire with the Time for Kindness programme.
  • It has been a particularly fun piece to make, so has given lots of opportunities for kindness to self.

It has been exciting and fascinating to see the submissions coming in from the ArtCan artists and the different ways they are connected to the theme of art and kindness.

We’ll be showcasing the artists’ work during October. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Make sure you’re following to see the virtual art gallery as it happens.

The main event will be happening on Instagram so do come and follow Time for Kindness there!