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A quick kindness quiz for you.

When Debs went to her local shopping centre in Lewisham she noticed only one set of automatic doors operational.

An older lady was waiting to come through with one of those walking frames that has a seat.

People were streaming through and the older lady was waiting and waiting, occasionally having a little sit down.

Debs decided to stop and let the woman come through. She walked away with a spring in her step knowing that she’d made a difference to someone else’s day.

What’s your first reaction to this story?

1) It’s so sad/frustrating that all those other people didn’t stop 🤬.
2) Debs did a really kind thing, that’s awesome 🥳.

If your immediate reaction was 1, that’s understandable and this is a great opportunity to practice shifting our perspective to see and prioritise kindness.

Which initial reaction was yours and how do you feel about it?