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Paying it forward in business

Talia smiles broadly at the camera. She is wearing a bright yellow top that matches her sunny demeanour.

Supporting people who are earlier on in their work is a wonderful act of kindness as Talia Loderick explains.

“I’m a Money Coach, based in Cardiff. I work with 121 clients and I’ve recently started delivering financial wellbeing talks to employees at corporate organisations. I was pleased to start 2022 with a booking to deliver a financial wellbeing talk to employees at a huge corporate organisation. I was excited to deliver but I was also anxious.

In the run-up to my talk, I realised I needed support – some practical tips and a confidence boost around public speaking.
I recalled the best speaker I’d ever heard who blew me away with his inspirational, engaging talk on the subject on mental health and wellbeing back in Jan 2020. We’d spoken after his talk and connected on social media since so I knew that as well as being a keynote speaker, he also ran speaker-coaching events.
When I got in touch with him he didn’t have any such events coming up. I was gutted but he surprised me by offering me 60-minutes of his time, free of charge, to share his top tips.

Such kindness, such generosity, from a person I’d only met once a couple of years ago and who, I’m sure, has an extremely busy calendar. I thought ‘wow, there are just some great people in the world’.
I took him up on his offer and I successfully delivered my talk a week later.

My takeaway is: There are great people in the world. Find them, connect with them, be one of them, and pay kindness and generosity forward when you can. It really makes a difference. 💛 “