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Acceptance is kindness

A group of primary education aged children standing in a circle and holding up a rainbow coloured parachute

Listening to and honouring what someone says about themselves is a kindness we can all practice.

Simple things like:

  • Using someone’s name and pronouns.
  • Saying “”she’s a woman” rather than “she identifies as a woman” – this is one I didn’t know until I saw a video from @thejeffreymarsh recently.
  • Accepting someone’s sexuality when they tell you rather than asking them to “prove” it with questions about the relationship history.
  • Seeking out answers to your questions from educators rather than the individual (unless they’ve said they’re happy to ask questions).
    Some great gender and sexuality educators are @raindovemodel, Katie Neeves, Sarah Taylor, Ash Hardell, Jackson Bird, Hannah Witton and Jessica Kellgren-Fozard.

I’d love you to share your favourite gender and sexuality educators in the comments so we can all learn more.