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Local gifts gardening goodies in Facebook group.

a plastic bag filled with bamboo canes, two bamboo U shaped canes, large and medium sized plastic plant pots. A roll of black garden mesh leaning on a cardboard box of plants. Behind the bag are different containers with plants growing in them.

“I asked on a Facebook group if anyone had any medium to large pots for me to pot on some tomato and cucumber plants and someone said they did.

When I messaged them to get their address they asked if I also needed some bamboo poles and weed membrane!

As a new gardener it was especially appreciated.”

We love hearing about the kindness happening on social media – what have you seen lately?

And in the meantime, remind yourself how much kindness already exists in the world:

Older kids share playground with toddler.

Children give food to unhoused man.

Community rallies round to make 30th birthday party great!