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I heard a great story of unexpected kindness from a fellow small business owner I was chatting to yesterday.

His wife has MS and he was trying to get hold of a particular consumable product that helps her manage her condition. Unfortunately there are currently some issues with it being manufactured.

This product makes a big difference to his wife, so my friend wanted to find out when production would be starting up again. After making a few calls he eventually got to speak to a Sales Director at the company and asked him how long it was likely to be, so that he knew how long they might have to wait.

The Sales Director told him the timeframe.

But he went on to add, “Do you know what, my sales team all have samples of this product – I’m going to get in touch with them and get them to return the samples and we will send them all to your wife for her to use.”

My friend said he was blown away by this un-asked-for gesture of kindness!

It may be a small act for the Sales Director to send out an email to his team, but it will make a huge difference to my friend and his wife.