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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Knight saves beer for Lidl customer!

Knight saves beer for Lidl customer!

a knight in full set of shining armour standing on a field of brown grass, a hill with a castle on it behind him. Beside him on the ground are bottles of beer, three normal and two with santa hats on.

“I was shopping in Lidl in Heath Cardiff and on putting the shopping into the boot, the box holding the bottles of beers broke and 2 of the bottles rolled out and landed on the road, smashing all over the road.

Glynn, another customer in the carpark came over, on hearing the noise, and offered his brush. He wouldn’t let me pick the glass up just in case I cut myself. He swept up all the glass to protect me and the oncoming traffic.
He really was my Knight in shinning armour.”

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