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Kindness, vulnerability and starting small

Sarah wearing a top which reads "kindness matters" beside text reading "social media for humans."

There is something, in terms of either taking kind actions or even to some extent looking for them, that’s about vulnerability.

When I first started talking about it more it did feel like quite a brave thing to do because I didn’t know how it would be received, but I think that’s starting to look, look for the helpers is a first step that you can take because the stories are there and it does become a virtuous circle as well. The more you see, the more you look for and you see other things.

I think in terms of kindness, sometimes people can think it has to be something big and some grand gesture. Actually it doesn’t there is kindness in really small things as well. So just kind of smiling and saying hello to somebody on the street. But I appreciate there are people for whom that isn’t possible because you don’t go out on the street or you are concerned about that kind of vulnerability. So there will be other things that you can do. And I think actually, one of the good things about social media is that possibility to find your tribe and find communities. And actually there’s a lot of kindness within just getting involved in a group that shares your interests.