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A community supporting their pharmacy

Packets of Tesco's bourbon biscuits and McVities Ginger nuts with 2 of each biscuit out on a table.

A local Facebook group came together to support their pharmacists in a real show of community and kindness.

The original post said “Just to let members know the queue for the pharmacy is very long if you need prescriptions, I’m about 40th in the queue.”

Replies soon came in saying how cheerful the staff remain, despite how under-staffed and busy they are, along with comments about how more pharmacy provision is needed in the town.

And then the community stepped up: “Just been to the shops and got them a load of goodies to keep their spirits up biscuits chocolates.”

“Great minds! I brought them a box of chocolates on Friday. It’s so easy to get tetchy when there’s a queue – on both sides.”

What kind things has your community done recently?