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Kindness in a coworking space

A collage of three images. The top one shows a laptop and open notebook with a pen on it on a desk, an apple, pair of glasses and bottle beside them. The bottom left shoes a patio area with a pool, parasol and sun lounger, beyond the hedge are mountains and a glorious sunny day. On the bottom right is a hand holding a square businesses card for the Hive coworking which says "live the life you've imagined.”

“I found a lovely business called The Hive Coworking where I was able to work a few days (until I got COVID) it was bright and sunny and had such a good vibe.

I even had a fellow co-worker offer me his folding lap top computer stand to replace my cardboard box – I thought that was very kind – until I set it up and realized my box was a better height! So, I thanked him and kindly returned it.”

Thank you to Linda Cohen for allowing us to share this after she posted it on LinkedIn – and we hope you’re feeling better now too.

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