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Help find the Christmas angel from Primark Norwich!

A city Primark store viewed from the street looking up the building. A clock with the Primark logo underneath it on the side of the building with two Primark flags.

“Whilst out Christmas shopping in Primark in Norwich my daughter put one of carrier bags down containing 2 bottles of Marc Jacobs perfume and some other toiletries. It was only when she returned home she realised that she didn’t have said bag and was distraught.

To be honest we both thought that the bag would be gone forever..

On Sunday I was tasked with going to Primark as my daughter lived too far away to travel back. Without much hope I went to the lost property on Floor 2 and spoke to the supervisor. I thought no one would have handed it in but sure as day the supervisor said yes we do have the bag.

We are so so grateful to the kindest person who handed my daughters bag in as there were no details left in store. We would love to personally thank you, we are so very grateful.”