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Gardening tips and encouragement from internet strangers.

A patio with a pair of wellies, a long plastic planter, and a smaller round green pot on it. The wellies have compost in them and the words "carrots" typed on them. In the far end of the long planter are some small potato plants, the opposite side are two garlic plants. On the compost is text reading "potatoes, kale and carrots, garlic." On the compost of the small round pot text reads "broccoli.”

“I’m learning to garden this year having had the gift of killing every plant I even walk past before! I posted a photo of my current attempts on Mastodon and got so many really helpful tips and lots of encouragement.

It feels quite overwhelming to start growing food from nothing with no real knowledge, apart from my deep dive on YouTube, so the fact that people with experience and knowledge are happy to share it so freely and also cheer me on is making a really big difference.

It’s the difference between something not sprouting and me giving up, and it not sprouting and seeing it as a learning experience and trying again.”

The sharing of knowledge is such an important kindness – and offering encouragement can be truly lifechanging. We loved hearing this positive social media news!

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