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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Friends come to the rescue during Autistic burnout.

Friends come to the rescue during Autistic burnout.

A slow cooker filled with veggies and sausages. Text overlaid reads "Friends provide practical help during Autistic burnout."

“I’m dealing with severe Autistic burnout at the moment – the struggling to eat and drink, much less do anything else kind (learn more about it here). Some friends came round to help with practical things and it made a huge difference. They bleached and dyed my hair so I felt a bit more like me again, they sorted out the dogs’ chicken which is a sensory nightmare job for me, and they chopped a load of veg so I could make some nutritious food easier.

They even brought me some yarn as I’ve got hooked on knitting lately, and some kinetic sand. It was so kind of them just to come round and help, so many people don’t know how to help or just feel awkward, but to bring gifts too was amazing.”

What wonderful friends and such a clear example of the big difference that offering to do things that are easy for many of use can make.

Here’s a few ways you can show kindness to someone struggling whether it’s with burnout or anything else: