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Emma Case – Kindness Superhero

Emma Case, a Black woman with long, wavy black hair, wearing a denim jumpsuit and red lipstick, smiles at the camera.

Meet Women Beyond The Box founder, Emma Case, a platform that celebrates the successes of neurodivergent women, and our next Kindness Superhero.

In her nomination, Akua also explained that “Women Beyond the Box is a London based platform created to amplify the voices of Smart Women who are also Neurodivergent. The aim is to point every Neurodivergent woman in the direction of her true potential.

Emma also reinforced the skills that we will be lacking in our organization if we fail to attract and retain neurodivergent colleagues. Emma’s presentation has been the start of a new movement within our organization. We could not be more grateful than to have had Emma here to help guide us as we start this important journey.”

Thanks to people like Emma, more neurodivergent women are getting the opportunities they deserve and that’s why she’s a Kindness Superhero!