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RAK week thoughts – random or conscious?

Sarah sitting on a balcony with a lake in the background and wearing a black hoodie with the words kindness matters on the front

I’m here in London on the Southbank. I’ve been up here for a meeting with the fantastic Katie Duckworth having a fantastic couple of hours chatting and catching up, and one of the topics, of course, we talked about was kindness.

And being as it’s Random Acts of Kindness week I thought we’d have a little chat and I guess I’m two minds about it; I think it’s great to have a week celebrating but at the same time, do our acts of kindness really need to be random?
In particular Time for Kindness is about encouraging people to see kindness in the world around them, and that’s definitely something that you can do consciously.

You can make a conscious decision every day to look out for those little acts of kindness around you; people helping each other with their shopping, carrying buggies, giving people directions, all sorts of things. Just little points of kindness that can make us all feel better and smile and realise how connected we are as human beings.