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Day 7 – kind neighbours

a graphic of a mobile phone with WhatsApp messages making up a conversation between neighbours about the fact that they have no water or just a trickle

Celebrate kindness – community and neighbours

Last Friday lunchtime, I went to fill up the kettle for my cuppa soup and just a trickle came out of my tap. After checking that there weren’t any water company vans in the street, I put a message on the WhatsApp group for my road. I asked whether anyone else had water problems. Turned out it wasn’t just me, we were all without water!

One of my neighbours had phoned Thames Water to find out what was going on. There was some sort of burst water main a few streets away and they said they were doing their best to fix it. So our neighbour was able to fill us all in, including the timescale for repair that had been given.

As well as general support for each other, there was one very specific example of kindness.

We have a lady living in our street who is very poorly. Neighbours who still had some water coming out of their taps offered to take some round for her, as she was probably in greater need. In the end, it didn’t come to that, but it was a kind gesture.

Like many streets, our WhatsApp group was only set up during lockdown 1 as a way to provide support for vulnerable residents in particular. It has continued to be well-used and it is good to know that when the chips are down, we are there for each other in our very local community.

How do your neighbours show kindness to each other?