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Day 5 – let someone in front of you

Magenta square with the words 'Let someone in front of you when they're in a rush'

Share kindness: Let someone in front of you when they’re in a rush.

You know that thing when you’re in a supermarket queue and you can just tell that the person behind you is in a rush?

  • They might be bouncing on the balls of their feel, checking their watch repeatedly or huffing and puffing.
  • Or they might be having a conversation on their phone that tells you they’re late for an appointment or a meeting or to pick up the dog from doggy day care.

However you realise – and whatever the reason – why not let them in front of you in the queue to help them out? It has happened to me before when someone has let me go ahead. It is such a simple thing to do, but makes such a big difference!

There’s also that thing of letting someone go in front of you when you’ve loaded your weekly shop on to the conveyor and you can see they’re just buying a pint of milk and a tooth brush…

It will give you a good feeling too!