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Country park kindness

A beautiful large lake viewed through long grass, surrounded by lush green trees. The sky above is light blue with fluffy white clouds.]

While sitting on a large balcony overlooking a lake in the sunshine and drinking coffee at a café at Dinton Pastures Country Park with friends, my friend, Mike, suddenly leapt up and dashed across the terrace.

He had spotted an elderly couple making their way down the stairs to the ground floor, both with walking sticks. The lady was looking unsure about making her way down and Mike offered her his arm. He also had a funny chat with them both as they went slowly down, answering the husband’s joke about how much they had to pay by saying that the first time would be free 😉

It was a lovely show of kindness and human connection!

Photograph of White Swan Lake, Dinton Pasture Country Park © Simon Mortimer.