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We are lucky enough to be having a new kitchen fitted, with the build starting later this week.

So we need to empty out all the ‘stuff’ from the current cabinets and box it up to store out of the way. Even allowing for a long overdue declutter, we need quite a few boxes. So my husband was going to bring some cardboard boxes home that are no longer needed at his work.

He flattened them down, ready to bring home on the train. They were still pretty bulky, but he was just going to make the best of it and bring them home in one go, to give enough time to pack everything up before the build starts.

But his kind colleague, Sally, saw him struggling and offered to take them home in her car instead. She would be passing near our house on the way to visit a friend the next day, so she would drop them off at our door.

Such a kind offer and my husband was glad not to have to struggle with the boxes on a South Western Railways train in the current heatwave!

Thanks, Sally!

The decluttering and packing continues…….