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A friend of mine just shared this wonderful story of a small act of #kindness that had a massive impact on her 6-year-old son. They have been on a half-term trip to London, getting involved in different activities to celebrate his birthday.

This morning she posted on Facebook:
“Shout out to the DLR (Bank to Westferry) conductor yesterday who opened up the front section so M could ‘drive’ the train. He had a ball! Simple 6-yr-old pleasures 🥰. Thank you!”

Apparently his clear joy made the conductor smile – so it looks like it made his day too 😊

What a way to celebrate! Well done, @transportforlondon. I’d guess that M will remember this birthday trip for a long time to come.

What could you do today that puts this kind of joy on someone else’s face? Use the Share Your Story page to let me know how you get on.