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Kindness at archery

A photo of my husband having a go at archery with the target visible in the distance

Kindness is… not declaring your full score at archery so that a young lad can be the runner up in a competition instead of you 🎯

That’s what my lovely husband did at the weekend. Our family and another family were having an archery lesson at Center Parcs. The guy running the session told us the basics, then we played a few games to practise.

When it came time to declare our final scores, Mr B downgraded his total so that a lad from the other family came 2nd. My father-in-law had come 1st, so he didn’t want to show off on our side. The kid was delighted to be runner up!

I was completely hopeless at archery, but I loved it.

Mr B also had cause to show kindness in our 2 person kayak. I’m scared of water and had literally never done an activity that required a life jacket before in my life. He let me decide what the rhythm should be and kept in time with me. He also (mostly) steered us away from the banks of the lake 😆

A photo of me and my husband in a kayak on a lake, he's smiling at the camera and I'm concentrating on my paddle