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Signs for community

a community shop sign that says sorry, we’re closed but still awesome

For the last few years, Matt Turbeville from Flowerland of Athens, Georgia has been putting up funny and uplifting signs outside the store. His signs make people in the community smile to such an extent that they have become local legends.

The ethos of the family-run florist had always been to be part of the community, being there for all the occasions when people want to say something with flowers. They were there for their community in good times and bad.

The sign had previously been used to advertise special offers and holiday deals. Matt’s aim is to do more with it and put positive vibes out for the community. Especially during the last 18 months!

Signs have included:

“Mothers’ Day. She wiped your butt. Send her flowers.”

“How mad is she? We can help.”

“What the sun is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.”

The signs have become so popular that people from the local community come to the shop just to see them. They stop Matt when he’s out and about to say how much they love them. They call the store to ask when a new one is going up.

Well done to Matt and the @flowerland_inc team for using kindness to connect their community!

I first heard about these signs on the the Little Decisions podcast – check out Matt’s full story and lots of other kindness via Victoria’s Little Decisions website.

Image credit: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash