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122 umbrellas sent with kindness to 11 different charities across the UK.

A femme presenting person with shoulder length blonde hair, stands outside wearing a short sleeved floral top and black trousers. She is holding an umbrella which is open in alternating blue and white colours with the word “England” and the English rose on two of the white sections.

With all this rain it was a huge kindness to see Preseli giving a way 122 umbrellas via A Good Thing .

Thanks to Preseli’s generous willingness to post the umbrellas, they reached 11 different charities, spread right across the country. From Swansea Asylum Seekers Support to Rise & Shine Lancashire and Anthony Seddon Fund.

Another charity that benefited from the umbrellas was Caerau Ely Youth Zone (CEYZ). The charity works closely with young people and their families in an area of Cardiff that has a very high level of poverty due to unemployment, and where families struggle to feed themselves.

Jan who runs Preseli said “We paid for postage. We use a courier service, so it was cheaper than Royal Mail, and really not a huge amount. We were happy to pay. But there will be more umbrellas coming, as well as lanyards, and other things. A Good Thing is a really wonderful organisation.”

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