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These stories share acts of kindness from real people in every day life. #ProjectAmplifyKindness is about changing the balance of the narrative about the world and how people behave.

a ladder leaning up against a wall

Day 14 – help a neighbour

Share kindness: Lend your neighbour a tool for their DIY A couple of months ago we needed to get into our loft for a plumbing-related reason. Most people (it turns out!) have those pull-down ladder things from their loft hatch. Or at least they have a step ladder in the garage or the shed. So […]

a smiling teenager in front of Christmas lights

Day 13 – helping others

Celebrate kindness by telling stories like this On the way to a theatre trip Ella’s mum had bought a man called Paddy some food when they saw him begging at the tube station. They said they could tell from his thank you, just how much he needed it. On the way home, Paddy was still

The words "like, comment, share" above the time for kindness logo.

Day 12 – share kindness on social media

Amplify kindness: use the share option to spread kind stories on social media as well as dropping them a like. A share to stories on Instagram. A quick retweet on Twitter. A reshare on Facebook. Wherever you see them, take just a few seconds to help stories of kindness spread. Plus it will have a

A person stands on a step-stool, reaching to get a book from a high shelf in a book store. Text reads "help someone reach the top shelf."

Day 11 – use your height

Share kindness: If you’re tall, help someone in the supermarket reach the pasta on the top shelf. I’m 5’10” so this happens to me all the time. Over the years I’ve helped people reach hats and T-shirts on high hooks. Books and papers on high shelves. My most recent was to help an elderly lady

Playdough shaped into a globe and four people in white, black, yellow and red with 4 playdough stars above them. Text reads "celebrate kindness."

Day 10 – a different culture

Celebrate kindness: Learn about a different culture and look at the world from another perspective There are loads of ways to do this. Watch films with subtitles, read books about other cultures, listen to podcasts from a different part of the world from where you live, talk to colleagues, friends and family who live in

8 people standing in a circle in an office, their hands clasped together in the air. Text reads "amplify kindness"

Day 9 – team meetings

Amplify kindness: Start your team meeting with a conversation about the kindness that you’veseen this month I started Time for Kindness because I believe we don’t talk about kindness enough. I think that’s especially true in the workplace. I suspect that’s because it has traditionally been seen as fluffy or weak. But do you know

A pile of books for children

Day 8 – books about kindness

Encourage kindness: Read books about kindness to the children in your life. When children hear stories with kind characters, it helps them to develop empathy. They can see the impact that the kindness has on everyone in the book. They can imagine themselves being that character and think about how they will impact the people

a graphic of a mobile phone with WhatsApp messages making up a conversation between neighbours about the fact that they have no water or just a trickle

Day 7 – kind neighbours

Celebrate kindness – community and neighbours Last Friday lunchtime, I went to fill up the kettle for my cuppa soup and just a trickle came out of my tap. After checking that there weren’t any water company vans in the street, I put a message on the WhatsApp group for my road. I asked whether

Photo of green chairs in a hospital waiting room with the words 'Thank you, NHS'

Day 6 – kindness in the NHS

Celebrate kindness – kindness in a medical setting On Saturday I had to take my daughter to an appointment at an out of hours clinic at our local hospital. As we sat in the waiting room, I was struck by the kindness on display: There was a mum with a 2-year-old who had got the

Magenta square with the words 'Let someone in front of you when they're in a rush'

Day 5 – let someone in front of you

Share kindness: Let someone in front of you when they’re in a rush. You know that thing when you’re in a supermarket queue and you can just tell that the person behind you is in a rush? They might be bouncing on the balls of their feel, checking their watch repeatedly or huffing and puffing.