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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Stranger gives “you can do this” card to child with cancer’s mum

Stranger gives “you can do this” card to child with cancer’s mum

The inside of the card with writing reading “To William’s mum, lovely to meet you in the parents’ kitchen earlier - just to say you are doing an amazing job Mama! (As is your very brave and strong boy). Hope you are back home soon. Warm wishes, Kirsty (Freya’s mummy from next door in scuba!)”

“Last time we were in hospital with W for a long stay, I got talking to a lady in the parent kitchen. After telling her about my son’s Leukaemia, we were talking about his treatment and that he gets treated mainly out of the Piam Brown ward in Southampton.

She was telling me that she used to be something called a ‘giggle doctor’ there. Which in itself is amazing. They are little people that go in and show the kids a good time. These children might have been in their room for weeks, and are seriously ill. It also provides 5 minutes for parents to go grab a coffee or some fresh air. Absolutely amazing.

Anyway, we went about our business and I went back to W’s room. When I came out later that day, there was a card pushed under the door. The lady had made a card with a little flower on saying “you’ve got this.”
Inside she had written a note to say how brave and strong both me and W are and if I ever needed anything just give her a call.

The small act of kindness meant the world to me. The note is in my desk at the office and I get it out occasionally to remind myself.”

What a beautiful show of kindness during such a hard time.