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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Women’s group attendee offers lift home.

Women’s group attendee offers lift home.

A woman with dark skin tone and straight black shoulder length hair sits in a car smiling broadly and making a thumbs up. Text overlaid reads “women’s group attendee offers lift home.”

“I am part of a group of wonderful women who meet up once a month to share chat and general support. After our most recent lunch, I mentioned that I was heading to the station and hoping that I would be able to catch a train soon because they had all been delayed earlier in the day.

Lorraine very kindly offered me a lift home, as she was parked nearby and lives in a similar part of town to me.

The whole group is an expression of kindness too, as we get together to offer support in good times and trickier times.”

A great example of a simple kindness that makes life easier for someone, how wonderful!

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