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Walkers Tyre Service, Leicester, goes above and beyond

a view of a car from inside, hands holding the wheel. The view through the windows is out of focus.

“I hit a brick/piece of wood on the M69 on Thursday 24th August damaging two tyres. I managed to limp towards a tyre place. They immediately got my car into the workshop but said the wheels were damaged as well.

The manager rang the local Mercedes shop to enquire whether they had any new ones, while I was trying to get the AA/insurance company. I didn’t ask him to do that but he just did it. They didn’t have any.

They also made me a cup of tea and tried to reassure me.

So big thanks go to Lee and his team at Walkers Tyre Service Narborough Road, Leicester. After having a particularly awful August having to cut my holiday in half due to my father being very ill, and then this incident, they gave me just the right amount of TLC!”

Thank you to Fran for sending in this wonderful story of kindness – we hope your September is going better than your August.