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Vet shows kindness during pet loss

Kelly, a Belgian Shepherd dog, laying on some grass looking at the camera. She is brown in the body with a dark brown black face.

“When our elderly Belgian Shepherd dog, Kelly, became so sick that she could not rise to her paws any more, our Polish vet, Beata Gliwa, in La Ferte Mace, immediately came to our aid.

Beata was kind, both to Kelly and to my sister and me, as we said our farewells to our fur baby.

We stayed with Kelly the whole time, while she slipped away and Beata held space for us.

Please remember that putting an animal to sleep is hard on the vet too, bless them! ❤❤🐾🐾”

What a kind and supportive vet you have Veronica, thank you for sharing just how much kindness makes a difference and that everyone needs and deserves it.