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Two kindness, one tea shop

A delicious looking chocolate orange cake with Terry's chocolate orange slices around the top of it.

“I recently treated myself to a coffee and a slice of cake at one of our lovely local tea shops. It’s a very popular tea shop, a proper community hub, called Annie’s on Newport Pagnell High Street.
It was really busy. First of all a lady looked up from her crossword and said to me “would you like to share my table?” I was so grateful because I was about to turn round and leave because the place was so full – Act of kindness number 1.

I sat down and the lovely server was flitting around serving everyone, keeping on top of all the busy-ness – she’s just a darling, she’s so sweet. After we’d all been served she was at the coffee machine, clearly making a takeaway coffee and I thought ‘who’s that for’ because there was nobody waiting. I watched her and she made it very precisely, she took her time over it.
Then she went out of the shop and walked across the road. There is a lady who has a Big Issue pitch outside one of the shops. I talk to her a lot and I know she travels quite a distance to get to this pitch 3 times a week. Sure enough I saw that she was drinking the coffee that the lovely lady had made for her.
It was clear the server knew what she liked, she’d obviously been doing this on a regular basis and it was such a kind act. Then she came back and carried on about her business. I thought it was such a quiet subtle act of kindness, it was really community spirited. – Act of kindness number 2″

Thanks to Lucy for sharing TWO acts of kindness in one and to Annie’s Tea Room and their staff for enabling it.