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Time for Kindness needs you!

Sarah wearing a hoodie with the words "kindness matters" on it beside text which reads "Time for Kindness needs you!"

Could you be a kindness ambassador? (Spoilers: yes you could!)

Everyone is welcome to become a kindness ambassador – it simply provides a structured way to commit to seeing and sharing kindness in the world using this 3-step process:

Step 1: Commit to noticing at least one act of everyday kindness in the world around you each week. If you want to, you could put your commitment in a pledge: ‘I pledge to be an ambassador for kindness by…’

Step 2: Each time you notice a kind act, tell at least one other person about it, using whatever method works best for you – for example, in person, via WhatsApp, on social media.

Step 3: Encourage the person or people you tell to share the story more widely, creating a wider effect.

You can sign up to be a kindness ambassador by clicking here – we always need more because we want to spot all the kindness that’s happening in the world!