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The Wheelwrights Arms

a brightly lit bar in The Wheelwright's Arms pub, the wood of the bar shines brightly.

“A table of 2 who would like to remain anonymous called me over half way through their meal. The gentlemen told me that he would like to pay for the table of 2 next to their table.

As requested the other customers bill was put onto there account and they payed the bill. I asked them both if they would like us to let the table know whilst they were still in the pub, but they told us that they would like to remain anonymous When we asked why they were doing this, the gentleman replied that the elderly couple reminded him of his late parents and it just feels like the right thing to do.

When the elderly couple came to pay their bill before leaving and then finding out their bill had been taken care of, they were truly beside themselves and it was a real positive but an emotional experience for them both.

This certainly put a lump in all our throats and reminded us all of how a simple gesture big or small can go a long way!”

I just loved seeing this story of kindness on the The Wheelwrights Arms Instagram account last week – there is so much kindness in the world and I’m always thrilled to see people sharing it so we can all see it.