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The kindness of NHS nurses

A woman with long hair wearing loose blue nurse's scrubs holds out a pink stethoscope shaped into a heart.

A friend of mine shared a story after a fairly minor procedure on their ear at Rotherham hospital.

“It went fine but it made me really dizzy so I wasn’t able to get off the bed for a while. I was the last patient of the day and by the time I was fit to leave the lights were off, the department was closed and all the staff had gone home, except for the nurse that was looking after me.
I don’t know her name but she sat and chatted with me and made me a coffee when I was ok to sit up. She then walked me to my car to make sure I was ok.

It must have been long past the end of her shift and I doubt she would have been paid any extra. Good old NHS!”

We are so vulnerable when we’re sick or going through medical treatment and this is such a wonderful reminder of what a difference a kind nurse can make.