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Sustainability professional embraces random acts of kindness

A London street with people walking up and down it. Above strung between the buildings on each side are Union Jack flags.

“This outward directed kindness is something (along with gratitude posts, which are sometimes about receiving kindness) that I did very actively for about 2 years during the pandemic then last year when I was quite badly ill for a bit.

I’m a devil for the “Random acts of kindness” approach – rescuing lost tourists (I try to do that at least once on each of my rare trips to London, it’s not like they’re in short supply), and professionally by helping young people in particular. But I have noticed, the sustainability community (and coaches to be fair) are much more likely to do this!

For example this summer a colleague and I took on an extra student intern last minute when her contact let her down (she’d come all the way from the USA!). We work remotely so although it was quite a chunk of extra effort, we found a way for her to get some experience that helped out of it.”

Thank you Julie Winnard for sharing this with us – we’d love to hear of more kindness stories from those in the sustainability community so send them in!