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Strangers on a train

Julie smiling. She has long, wavy blonde hair and is wearing a red top with some sparkles on it.

When Julie missed her train to London by seconds one morning having pre-booked an advance single to save the pennies, she began to beat herself up; “I should know better with my ADHD brain and asthma but I thought I could do it.”

She went to the information office, holding back the tears, and calmly explained and asked nicely when the next train was, and if I could pay what was needed to sort my ticket out, and the lovely lady (another Julie!) wrote her a ‘pass’ to get on the next train – and told her to tell the guard my connecting train was late.

Julie explains that “after a shitty and emotional couple of days (personal stuff), and my flying visit into a call the day before, this honestly made my day and I wanted to share it with you all! I missed the first talk I planned to go to at the Mental Health Summit, but I found myself a table seat and could relax a little.”

A few days later Julie paid it forward by giving up her seat to a pregnant lady on the train to E17.