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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Starbucks barista upsizes drink as thank you for kindness

Starbucks barista upsizes drink as thank you for kindness

A Starbucks with a drive thru. Text overlaid reads "Starbucks employee rewards patient customer."

“I went to a Starbucks drive-thru to get myself a drink and went through the usual “please” and “thank you’s” you’d think are commonplace. When I got to the window, the person taking my order said they upsized my drink for free for not being rude.

I asked them if people were generally rude at that location and they said it’s been a hectic day so people didn’t like the wait that was a part of it and would be openly upset about the wait time. I didn’t even think about the wait time. To me it seemed like a normal wait.

The fact that normal manners was enough to warrant an upsized drink with no charge was cool but also kind of upsetting. Can’t imagine the type of stuff they go through at work.”

This is a great example of choosing to focus on the kindness both of the customer who was polite and patient, and the staff member who upsized their drink as a thank you.

Let’s hear a kindness story from you 👇🏻.