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See kind with even more stories of kindness!

a pair of eyes above text reading "see kind" and a smiling mouth below the text. To the side text reads "it's everywhere!"

Good news: we have so many stories to share that we’re going to be posting even more often, so please keep sending in all the examples, big and small, of kindness you’ve seen out in the wild so we can keep shining a light on just how much kindness already exists when we start looking for it 👀.

We’re all about encouraging you to see the kindness that already exists in the world and part of the way we do that is by sharing your stories.

Sharing these stories of kindness reminds us all that it’s there, providing inspiration and hope, along with a positive uplift in our wellbeing when we notice it – science backed good feelings!

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🕵🏻 What kindness have you seen lately?