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Random Acts of Kindness

a woman with bright red hair tied back but stretching over her shoulder, wearing a black jumper. She is sat on a chair and smiling having received a random act of kindness.

“Random acts of kindness feel like magic.

My mum and I both experienced that magic recently. While I was out running, an older gentleman I often say good morning to on my route clapped as I ran past and told me I’m an inspiration to him.

I spent the rest of my run smiling. His kindness literally carried me home.

Then my mum was leaving a shop and another woman stopped her in the doorway and said, ‘you look really beautiful. I love your dress.’

Isn’t that so wonderful? 🥰

It costs nothing to be kind. But those genuine moments of connection mean everything. If you see the light in someone – including total strangers – tell them. It might not seem a big deal to you, but you can be guaranteed the recipient of your kindness will remember it forever.”

We loved seeing Dr Bex Bell share this over on LinkedIn so big thank you to her for allowing us to share it on Time for Kindness too to show what a difference those small acts of kindness make.

Share a kindness you’ve seen with us so we can share it with the world!