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Ramsay Hunt Syndrome brings out prolific show of kindness from others.

Lynda, a woman with light skin tone and shoulder length blonde hair, she is smiling but it is wonky and her skin is tinged red due to Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. Over the top is the word “wonky.”

“In 2018 I had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (Bell’s Palsy and shingles at the same time). It meant a 6-9 month period of recovery and accepting help.

It also meant coming to terms with the fact that my face didn’t look the same for a while and posting about this and my recovery on Instagram made me realise that the kindness of others was prolific and unconditional (I already had a lovely network of friends all over the world because I’d posted about how I lived with endometriosis, and photos of my knitting, for years).

People in the village brought food for my family, flowers and puzzles for me.

People online appreciated reading about what it felt like to have Bell’s Palsy and to be incapacitated for so long (there were a lot of balance issues, audio sensitivity and low energy levels).”

Big thank you to Lynda for sharing this and also for becoming a Kindness Ambassador – you can become one too, all the details are here.

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