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I recently heard about this wonderful story of kindness.

During the covid lockdowns, mum and beauty business owner, Cassandra Baker, and her 2 children sent cards with positive messages to anyone they felt was in need of a kind word. They made the cards themselves and added in positive words and affirmations to make people feel less isolated.

When they saw how posivitvely people were reacting, they made even more cards. They “practically turned the living room into a card making factory”, said Cassandra.

As well as making a big difference to the receivers, the cards have had a positive impact on Cassandra and her children too. It gave them something to focus on during the difficult times of lockdown and made them genuinely happy to bring a smile to others.

As Cassandra says in the blog she wrote for the Mental Health Foundation:

Helping others around us genuinely makes the world a better place.

Read full details of this story on the Mental Health Foundation’s website –