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Pet-sitting is a way to show kindness to others.

This week we are looking after our niece’s guinea pigs while she is on holiday. Cookie (ginger) and Oreo (the black and white one) are living in their hutch in our garden for a week.

2 guinea pigs in their hutch

We don’t have pets of our own anymore, having lost our hamster, Pumpkin, a few years ago and deciding he was irreplaceable.

In truth, they don’t take a lot of looking after, but they do need to be regularly fed and watered. And given exercise in their outdoor run.

I find the responsibility is quite a big deal.

Our niece loves her pets dearly and what if we get it wrong, or something goes wrong? The chances of that have at least been reduced by the detailed instruction leaflet she put together, telling us their likes and dislikes. It does seem that they are particularly fussy about where they will eat their meals 😊

Have you looked after someone else’s pets while they’ve been on holiday? Any tips?