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“Lunch is on me, Mum!”

Sarah holding a Subway lunch wrap and smiling at the camera in a silly way

My 15yo daughter bought me lunch today 🥰

We were out for a last-day-before-back-to-school shopping trip and we were getting hungry. When I (semi-jokingly) asked where she was taking me for lunch, she said ‘Subway’. Bless her!

There is an extra kindness in this story – she agreed to take this photo so that I could share on TfK, despite finding me “so embarrassing”!!

Teens can often get labelled as moody, distant, scary, or worse. But in my experience, most of them are lovely and kind, despite all the internal and external changes they’re dealing with. So I think it’s important we highlight how great they are.

If you have a kind teen in your life, tell me and let’s celebrate them too.