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Loved ones donate fabric to artist

The artist Sophie Levi-Kallin with her stall at an art fair, with many artworks created from used fabrics hanging on the wall behind her.

“When I started making artwork with used fabric scraps a wide range of friends, family and neighbours offered me their used clothes and off-cuts. I always think of these people when I include their donations in my work, the history of the scraps adding to the meaning of my art.

Some have particular meaning: such as my son’s worn, patched and outgrown trousers, my cousin’s towel handed down from his parents and now too threadbare for another use, or pieces which friends have carefully selected and stored for me, knowing they would be a fit for my art.”

This piece and associated kindness story is from Sew The Scene – go and check out their other work and support small, independent artists. This post is in collaboration with Art Can Org .