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Kitchen tap kindness

a shiny new silver tap over a sink.

My Mum had a mishap with the tap in the kitchen – it more or less sheared off altogether, due to rust (it was nearly 11 years old)!
Thankfully it broke in such a way that water wasn’t spurting everywhere, but it did need fixing. And as fast as possible.

Dad wasn’t around at the time it happened, but due to his cognitive impairment, he suffers from anxiety over a lot of things and this would have caused him (and consequently Mum) a lot of stress.
Cue my fabulous brother-in-law who stepped in, assessed the situation, went to Wickes and fixed a new tap!

This was a huge kindness for Mum and Dad and to the rest of the family too, none of the rest of us have the DIY skills to help!