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Going with the flow

a table covered in bright, multi coloured tablecloth and a variety of vegetables on plastic plates. Young children and babies on adults' laps sit around the table.

What a kindness it is to simply go with the flow.

Kids Kitchen Community shared what a key role that plays in creating kindness in their business.

“Our uber part time, uber flexible way of working is geared towards people looking after young kids. The culture we have created embraces the very many mini kindnesses needed in order to get from one end of the day to another when you are a juggling working parent, sometimes without the best mental health.

Every time a baby or a toddler interrupts our flow when we are working together or meeting, without fail the rest of the team say it’s fine and either wait or find something else to do for that moment.
Is that the most efficient way of working? No, it’s really not. But over a long working career it keeps our brains alive and our self esteem rocking, builds balanced kids, and has a social impact. It feels worth it.”

I would love to know what mini kindness happen in your business.