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An inspiring story of kindness and bravery from Sarah Goddard – thank you for sharing this.

“I know we know this but – nurses really are the best types of human in the world aren’t they?

I have a very severe needle phobia which has so far stopped me being vaxxed (despite desperately wanting it. Sometimes our brains are our own worst enemies) I’m having CBT for it.

Today as part of my exposure and therapy I went to the walk in vaccination centre with my therapist to be familiar with the setting and start to challenge some of the fears in ‘real life’ so to speak.

I met Nurse Ruth who is genuinely one of the best human beings in the worlds. She cares so much about her job – having worked on a Covid ward in the first wave, vaccinating people is not so important to her having seen it first hand.

She was kind and understanding, whilst also being gently firm and hilarious. It was exactly what I needed.

She said “I’d love to be the person to vaccinate you because I can see how important it is to you and how far you’ve come” It was very emotional.

I’m not quite there yet, but I genuinely can’t wait to be able to kick my brain’s nonsense into gear and get vaxxed by Ruth.”

What kind, supportive words do you have for Sarah?